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Since you're going:

1. Take the kidz

2. Wear the PFD's

3. Leave it cleaner than you found it

4. Catch, Photo, Release 

5. Be thankful

6. Follow the rules

7. Let someone know where you're  


8. Send in your pics !!!

Road trip to Weeks Bay in Baldwin County

Kayak Fishing Alabama 

Absorb the outdoors

. When I was just a pup, a buddy of mine from church asked his daddy if I could go deer hunting with them that week. Lucky for me he said yes. Since I was a child and not skilled in deer hunting yet, I had to sit in the shooting house with my friends daddy on the ground. In that shooting house that morning, I was told something so very simple that I've never forgotten. When I couldn't see the deer that he could see he told me, "don't look at the trees....look into the trees." Not only did the deer appear to me that morning but I've been looking "into" the trees every since. When you're on the water, whether you're fishing or simply experiencing the beautiful surroundings, look into the trees. Don't just look at the water around you, look at the sun rise, recognize the birds that are singing just for you, do you see the fawn laying under the bushes on shore? The squirrels are chattering, the breeze is flowing so gently. Sometimes in the middle of the day, there's not a sound on earth that you can hear. Slow down when your out on your next paddle long enough to absorb and internalize the creation that surrounds you. It's these moments that will have me on the water at any time of the day or night. Nothing on earth sounds quite like the breeze on the water at sunset.


Alabama the Beautiful

 As a native of Alabama I've had the opportunity to fish Bama waters all over the state. I'm fond of the memories of fishing Callaway Creek, the Coosa, Lake Jordan, & Lake Martin from the deck of a SKEETER bass boat. I started fishing 9 months before I was born but it was the teenage years where I was taught the value of finesse fishing for bass. Since I travel the country for work, I enjoy pursuing the "local" game fish wherever I find myself.  Kings, Rainbow, & Pike are all great challenges (& good eating) but for me personally, nothing compares to the hard, viscous strikes that comes from the Large Mouth Bass on a spinner !! Working the grass on Guntersville with a Strike King jig or the points and drop offs on Jordan with a worm. Searching the rip rap with a Rattle Trap or finesse jigging the spawn in 2 foot of water on Lake Eufaula. I've even learned that the LM Bass loves the Chatta Bait on the Dog River north of Weeks Bay! I make effort to recognize the varieties of fish in our grand state and practice the pursuit of them. This past December, my son and I enjoyed a few days looking for the Reds down on Weeks Bay and I'll never forget it !!! What a blast !!!!! But........Large Mouth Bass, in the silence of the day and with the stealth of a kayak is intoxicating to me. I won't name his name here, but he knows who taught me the love of pursuing the Large Mouth Bass when I was but a pup.....thanx Pop.



    I'm Steve and I welcome you to my little spot where we focus on kayak fishing. I'm a life time angler and an avid kayak enthusiast.  Mix the two together and I'm obsessed with kayak fishing!!!

    Currently, I am a resident of Guntersville and am fortunate enough to have immediate access to some of the best bass fishing in the nation. I fish from a Hobie PA 14 when bass fishing and while on large, rough waters such as the gulf. I have a couple of yaks for skinny (rough terrain) water for reaching those precious waters that people rarely make effort to get to. I prefer to use St. Croix rods and Lews reels most of the time. However, when trolling or pursuing large game fish I usually use ABU, Shimano, or Diawa.  

    Not only do I spend my spare time paddling and fishing (and spend all the money on it!) but I also enjoy taking others to share the passion with me. From family, to friends, to total strangers, I'm ready at any time. I am not a guide and I'm not anymore special than the next guy, I just have an obsession that's been in motion for 40+ years. I include some guides and other anglers (with links) on some of my pages and I encourage you to check them out. 

    Browse through the pics and you'll see catches from the fresh waters of Alabama as well as from the gulf, great lakes, and wherever else the roads leads us to.   


Just so you know, that cigar didn't help him catch a thing !!!!!!!

             FIN SPOTTERS

I went out this weekend with high expectations. I had reviewed several reports of the area, all the gear was in place, a co-worker joined in the Outback, and it was time to fish! We put in and didn't have far to go. A little south of the ramp was acre after acre of submerged timber in 15-30 foot of water and shear decent rocky ledges on shore that tapered up into rocky points at the creeks. Water was muddy and at 78 degrees. I worked everything in the box from the Traps to 2-5 ft cranks. Plastic worms of every color and a jig-n-pig over dozens of stumps. The spinner nor the chatter produced. Where were the Bass? I still don't know but here is what I did find. On the water that day we had great water to paddle, the wind was fine and the temp was great. Around one bend I saw two "nanny goats" on shore that casually stepped into the trees. The next slough displayed squirrels playing, a red fox hiding, and a horse singing from somewhere in the distance. Carp by the hundreds in the shallows, striped bass making fun of us, butter flies resting on my knees. We didn't get skunked this weekend cause my buddy caught one fish, but it was nothing less that a beautiful day and we had a wonderful day just looking at where we were at. At times I speak to people who don't fish at all but like to take nature floats on the water. Well if you call me and need a ride just let me know. Some of the most pleasant and memorable times that I've ever had were when then fish weren't biting at all.     

GOD is in control & Jesus is Lord.

I am a Christian. I'm asked consistently, "are you religious?", I answer "No, I'm a Christian. I follow Christ." A lot of people say they are Christian and Christianity means different things to different people.

There is only one Jesus. Virgin birth, conceived of the Holy Spirit, sinless life, died at the cross, paid my debt in hell, resurrected on the 3rd day, ascended into heaven. He is my savior, not by works lest I be able to boast. It is by grace, a free gift, I do not have to perform any act to receive this gift from Jesus Christ other than to accept him as my Savior. There is one mediator between GOD and man, the man, Christ Jesus.

If we can agree on these facts then I can move forward in conversation regarding salvation and eternity.  

As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.  

Just so ya know, I don't owe anyone anything so the rants, reviews, and praises for the gear that I write about are straight up honest and not free gear from vendors.