Maiden Voyage

    Bat Man is a seasoned kayaker and I would label him at the upper end of intermediate; that's me staying in conservative mode for safety. He handles a kayak better than most grown men and has no fear. I have to keep him reigned in!!

    He has paddled / fished in lakes & rivers in many states to include Lake Guntersville, the Tennessee River, the Bay of Green Bay, and Sturgeon Bay.

​    He prefers casting / finesse fishing over trolling and prefers his Ocean Kayak instead of borrowing a Hobie on big water.

​    I have not allowed him to graduate, yet, to waters such as the Gulf or Lake Michigan. I don't think that my heart could handle that.

Brand Spankin New PA 14

21.49 lbs

The Anglers Gallery


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Tater Bugs 1st picture !

23.8 lbs



Lil Surprises Along the Way !!!

Who would a thought it ?!?!


As much as we love to chase the fish, family & friends love the trips too !!

The new permanent pole is the handle from a Frabill landing net !

This is one of two yaks that I own that is not safety orange or yellow and it is the OK that I have set up for hunting. We have to keep Chaz surrounded so that he doesn't get ran over. I do have orange paddles and a huge orange flag for this kayak.

24.6 lbs

Many anglers launched, our friend did not return. This day a son, a husband, a father, and our friend was lost. 

Kayak Trailer Mod


Kayak Fishing XL

Bat Man

Temp measures taken when my wooden flag pole had had enough. Scotty rod holder and an 11 ft trolling rod !

My brother in law came over to pick up a kayak; no rack or saddles are on his car. This is our garage engineering idea !

    "Can you throw the DOG a bone?"  ....... DOG (Depend On God) is my fishing partner when I fish in Wisconsin and a good friend of mine. He is a true outdoorsman, dedicated angler, and a liscenced / insured kayak fishing guide in the state of WI. He is located near Two Rivers and his specialty is King Salmon fishing on Lake Michigan and Walleye fishing at/near the Bay of Green Bay. DOG and I are in regular support of each other and are usually planning the next trip together.

    What's with all the PINK ?!?    Kayak Fishing XL is sponsored by and promotes Breast Cancer Awareness. Those who sponsor or endorse the DOG has their logos stenciled on his kayak in pink.



My Native ultimate 14.5 set up

Man Cave

Elite 7 for 9 hrs. 

My employment takes me across our great country, each year, and natuarally the gear goes where I go. You can see the Hobie PA saddles on one side and 3" PVC tubes on the other. The pvc allows me to carry whatever yak a fishing partner has or my Outback, as needed. My problem is that I tend to overload my Malone trailer and then drive 1500 miles to go to work. I narrowed my trailer so that I'm limited to the PA on the interstate but I can still ride 4 other yaks on top of the car!!

    Tater has several kayaking trips behind her now and she has improved greatly! She's good for about 5 hours of independent paddling (with a lunch pic-nic in the middle). After she wearies, naturally, she loads up with Daddy and her yak is towed.

    For those that are wondering, she stays surrounded and in very close proximity to seasoned kayakers while she is independent.


The Lake Michigan Crew

FIRST KAYAK !!! The very first thing that she said once she sat in her first yak when I brought it home was, "This is where I'm putting my fish finder, and I want my rod holders here and here!"